Turning the lived experiences of the planet’s high performers into your life lessons

High Performance aims to enable more and more people every day across the world to explore and reach their own version of High Performance and find high happiness. It is within us all – we just need to find it!

High Performance started in 2020 with the High Performance Podcast – an award winning show hosted by broadcaster Jake Humphrey and High Performance expert Professor Damian Hughes. The conversations explore the mindset and behaviours of high-performing individuals from various fields (sports, business, entertainment), delving into the challenges, motivations, and strategies that have contributed to their success. Listeners are left with valuable insights and practical advice that they can use in their own lives.

Off the back of the podcast’s success, there have been two High Performance books – including Sunday Times bestseller – Lessons from the Best on Becoming Your Best, a High Performance Live Tour, many corporate engagements, a book club and most recently the launch of the High Performance App.

For more information visit: https://www.thehighperformancepodcast.com