Kick Start an Evolution

The High Performance Foundation exists to enable young people around the globe, no matter their background, to be able to write their own story and believe it’s within.

We have launched the High Performance Foundation to give young people the tools and skills they need to kick start their journey to a future where they can thrive.

Our first programme brings free resources into classrooms to help young people develop skills such as combating failure, developing resilience and understanding the importance of being kind to themselves.

When you run for the High Performance Foundation your sponsorship will go to reaching more young people, helping them build the critical soft skills they need for life. 

Sign up to be a part of the High Performance Foundation Running Team!

There is no minimum fundraising requirement to join the High Performance Foundation Running Crew but we’d like to say an extra big thank you to runners who raise £500+ with;

– Rewards and perks for your fundraising mile stones

– VIP after run celebration for fundraising runners

– Free HP London Half Running Top

If you would like to run and raise funds for us make sure you select ‘High Performance Foundation’ in the charity section when you register for your place.