Top 10 Social Posts 2019

Top 10 Social Media Highlights

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Half Marathon

Top 10 Social Posts 2019

We have picked our favourite social media posts from the inaugural half marathon on February 10th 2019.  If you have been selected as our number 1 post then you have won yourself a FREE entry into a RunThrough race of your choice – please email us at [email protected] to claim your free entry!

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One cheesy, over excited finish line picture from yesterday coming through!! ???? . I never thought for one second yesterday I would run a half marathon like I did at yesterday’s event. When I crossed the line and saw my time I went all jumpy and excited like a 5 year old at Christmas, right before coughing my guts up in my usual post run fashion ???????? . There was no aims for yesterday. There was no targets or training plans. I went to enjoy it. I went to run. And that I did ???????? . Hence such a cheesy #medalmonday for you guys to look at…sorry not sorry ???? . . . #mondaymotivation #runner #thisgirlcanrun #thisgirlcan #runnersofinstagram #halfmarathoner #halfmarathon #racepic #runninglove #womensrunning #runningaddict #runhappy #smileforthecamera #motherrunner #runthroughuk

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You, yes you, this is YOUR journey, no one else’s, don’t forget that! Ask yourself: What is it that you want? What do you have to do to achieve it? Are you willing to commit to the end, even when times get tough? If yes, then there’s nothing stopping you. I am a strong believer in the quote ‘Life is only as good as your mindset’. Maybe I’m not the fastest runner, strongest swimmer or the most confident cyclist but I commit to training plans & GET IT DONE. I do not owe that to any physical strength but to a mindset that: – knows success requires consistency. – there will 100% be tough times but there will always be great ones. – that if I want it that bad, I won’t give up. I am proud to say I’ve climbed Everest Base Camp, ran the London Marathon, cycled 100 miles London to Surrey, achieved a 50km 2km lapped ultra marathon, completed a super sprint and sprint triathlon & I think 12 half marathons plus 2 cross country 15 miles. This has all been since March 2017. Your mindset is more powerful than you think. Keep going! Don’t give up! #mondaymotivation #eastlondonhalf #qeop #halfmarathon #brightonmarathon #liverpoolmarathon #marathontraining #marathon #trainingmode #fitnessjourney #runningjourney #thisgirlcan #instarunners #UKrunning #runningcommunity #ukrunchat #thisgirlcanuk #womenthatrun #londonrunners #runners #running #run #runthroughuk @eastlondonhalf @runthroughuk

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My first #medalmonday of 2019 goes to the @eastlondonhalf. Having not ran double figures since the Berlin Marathon I didn’t know what to expect yesterday. With that, I decided to pace a friend (training for the London Marathon) around at a steady pace instead of going hell for leather. I’ve said it before but there is something more satisfying about helping someone else achieve their PB than getting one myself. Despite the cold, I had a great day out lapping up the atmosphere around the Olympic Park (thank you to everyone who came out to cheer us all on and all the volunteers pointing us around the bendy course – you were brilliant) and it was capped off by my friend smashing his PB 1:44:36)! I still haven’t decided where I’m racing / running next but I definitely feel like I’ve got my mojo back!

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